Season Tickets

Season tickets are selling like hotcakes and the community office will be open on Saturday from 1.00pm to 2:45pm for any fans wishing to apply for a season ticket and take advantage of early bird discounts must do so prior to the early bird window closing on Sunday.

Applications in person will have to be made therefore by Saturday at the latest but emailed applications received by Sunday and those received by first post on Monday morning will still qualify for early bird discounts.

We would also take the opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings and queries we have had about season tickets as follows:

  1. Early bird discounts still apply to those electing to pay by direct debit but subject the administration charge for that service.
  2. Our new half season tickets are not restricted to a calendar half season. They contain nine league match vouchers which can be used by the owner at any nine league matches across the whole season. The intention is to cater for people who cannot commit to attending all eighteen home league games.
  3. Each season ticket will contain either 18 or 9 league match vouchers plus 8 special vouchers. The special vouchers are numbered and are for use where season ticket holders are getting priority for purchasing tickets for special all ticket matches home or away such as cup ties etc. The voucher to be surrendered on such occasions will be notified at the time.

Finally, we expect the actual season ticket books to be available in about ten days time and will announce arrangements for their distribution at that time.