Craig Speirs

Club Doctor

Dr Craig Speirs joined the Club in 1978 and he tells us it’s all the fault of the late Tom Robertson who was his next door neighbour! Craig took up the mantle from Dr Ross Brown and Dr John Campbell, both of Greenock. Craig had been a life-long Morton Supporter, attending matches, and had previously standing in for the other physicians if the need arose.

Over the years he’s found himself treating more than just the on-field injuries – the Doc finds that it’s a holistic approach to their overall well-being. He’s made a lot of friends through the game and also found himself as the Doctor for the Scotland U21 team from 1981 to 1999 (as if his practice wasn’t enough to keep him busy!).

Widely travelled both with the club and the Scottish team in Europe, he’s covered over 75 International duty matches including two for the senior Scottish side. The trips have taken him to all the Scandinavian countries and such strange places as Belarus, Yugoslavia, Malta and Hungary – he was there before the wallpaper stuck to the wall!

A particular story stands out when a 70 year old support member of the squad had to be admitted to hospital abroad due to appendicitis, which was an experience perhaps not to be repeated!

The Doc also remembers having to practically wrestle Marco Maisano to prevent him from returning to the field of play following a head injury during the famous Peterhead game, proving that administering to the needs of the players can be more than bandaging them up and handing out pain killers…

Being ever conscious about their looks, Craig has always been pressured to make sure that his needle work is perfect, however the stoicism of the players does not always match the perfection of the Doc’s handiwork and he reliably informs us that we have had some right big Jessies playing for us over the years! He’ll protect the identity of the injured.

Now enjoying retiral from General Practice, Craig keeps his hand in by assisting with disability assessments all over Scotland, in fact he feels like he hasn’t retired! Past president of Greenock Rotary, he’s still an active member and is coming up to 40 years’ service – and of course his four grandchildren keep him busy when he isn’t gardening or enjoying a meal out with Mrs Speirs.

We are very fortunate to be in the position to have two dedicated Club doctors. The load is shared between Craig and our other resident Dr Fraser Gray who, between them on a match day, cover all our medical requirements – for only for the playing staff, but the Cappielow crowd as well.